Tommaso Cimini

Undisputed emblem of elegance and functionality, the Daphine represents the essence of Lumina.
The idea behind the creation of the Daphine lamp is as simple as it is effective: a pivoting diffuser, an articulated arm in two segments and an electromechanical transformer on a cylindrical base between two metal caps.
The Daphine first “saw the light” in a small workshop in Sedriano (Milan province) in 1975 thanks to the skilful hands of Tommaso Cimini, a mechanical engineering expert, and the machines he had retooled for the purpose.
The Daphine springs from Tommaso Cimini’s design philosophy, “Lots of light, not much lamp”, which is still the essence of every product bearing the name of Lumina, the company he set up in 1980.
45 years on, the Daphine’s aesthetic and functionality are unchanged, which goes to show the validity of the original idea.
Tried and tested throughout its long production history, this lamp lends itself to countless uses in public and private places, from reading desks in libraries to pianos, from jewellery display counters to top fashion brand shop windows.
The Daphine undoubtedly deserves the status of a ‘lighting design icon’. Over the years it has figured in the collections of the world’s main design and contemporary art museums, including the Brooklyn Museum and Judd Foundation in New York, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris, the Neue Sammlung in Munich and the Triennale in Milan.
The Daphine is currently available in the classic halogen version (for the European market only) or with a LED source, in which the electromechanical transformer has made way for the electronics that guarantee higher luminous power, an extremely high colour quality, low working temperature and lower energy consumption.
The LED version (3,000K or 2,700K) can be set to dual light intensity or dimmable.



Real application

Tech Specs


Daphine LED






High Color Rendering Index

Correlated Color Temperature 3000K or 2700K

Energy Class A++

Dimmer + 2 step switch

2 step switch

Insulation Class III

CE listed

UK CA listed


Daphine Gold

Daphine and Flo, two of our most important icons, are now enriched with a new special semi-gloss brushed “yellow Gold” finish, which lends them uniqueness and prestige.

The special gilding treatment, which accentuates the brilliance of the finish, is certified to contain a thin film of pure 24-carat Gold applied by electrochemical deposition.

The new Gold finish is available in Table and Floor versions.

Daphine 45th anniversary

Our icon, our masterpiece: Daphine
To celebrate 45 years from the making of the first prototype we decided to create a unique limited-edition version in a series of just 226 lamps.
For its 15th anniversary in 1991, we produced a special edition Daphine with an intriguing finish, defined “Dresden wind”. It was a sandy grey colour and pleasing to the touch. These Daphines were numbered and sold to Lumina’s fondest customers.
The special edition LED version designed for the 45th anniversary has the same finish as the previous one and is embellished by a celebratory aluminium plaque bearing the laser-engraved signature of Tommaso Cimini, founder of Lumina and creator of Daphine, as well as the limited series number.
The series will be produced in 226 pieces, exactly the same number made in 1991 for the most faithful customers, true devotees of the Daphine.


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