Our short production chain allows us to offer customized solutions. Lumina puts all its technical know-how at the service of contract manufacturers and designers.


Ongoing research, in-house engineering and a prototyping department are key factors in our success. At Lumina, artisanal tradition and new technologies form an ideal team.


The rigour and consistency afforded by in-house production enable Lumina to meet the most diverse needs of its clients with maximum personalization in terms of lighting solutions, colours and sizes.

Constant research, internal engineering and prototyping laboratory are the key elements of our success.

Here in Lumina we are proud to combine the handmade tradition with the latest technology.

It’s this insistence on making its products in-house that enables Lumina to listen to its customers and personalize products to meet their specific needs.

That’s why Lumina could offer a complete custom-made service with customized technic and lighting solutions and personalized colors and sizes.

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