A story that began with an idea

“Lots of light, not much lamp”.


Lumina, a lighting products manufacturer whose main strengths are construction capability and quality control at the service of simple and technological lamps, grew out of the vision of Tommaso Cimini.

When he set up the company in Sedriano (a small town in the Milan area) in 1980, he already had one principle very clear in his mind: it is function that generates form.

With his ingenuity, innate capacity to innovate and deep knowledge of materials, Tommaso Cimini was able, in the mid ‘70s, to retool the machines in his workshops to create the Daphine, a lamp that became a timeless icon of Italian design.

45 Years of Daphine

Tommaso Cimini made the first prototype of the Daphine in Sedriano in 1975.
An unconcealed transformer, an articulated arm in two segments and an adjustable diffuser housing a halogen light source: this is the Daphine.

An iconic lamp that perfectly expresses the synergic relationship between function and form, the essence of Lumina’s design philosophy.

40 years of Lumina

40 years of quality lighting

The company was set up in 1980, at the start of a decade of splendid disruption in Italian design: they were the years of the post-modern movement, the Memphis Group and Alchimia, and the international success of Italian style and know-how.

From the year of incorporation to the present day, we at Lumina have been true to the spirit of our origins, embodied in every element we produce, proudly and with undiminished passion.


“Lumina lamps are iconic: they spring from our work ethic and are faithful representations of our production capability.

State-of-the-art technologies enable us to achieve optimum synthesis between form and function. Our products are pure and simple. We make them for the wellbeing of all living beings.”

Ettore Cimini,
sole director, Lumina, and son of the founder

The cult of the Essential


We love developing products that last over time and whose form and function achieve an ideal synthesis. Lamps that are lightweight in structure and made with precision engineering. Nothing more, nothing less.
All our know-how is at the service of design, which is why we’ve built relationships of trust with designers and architects of international renown.

Proud of our ethic.
We make our lamps in our facility in Arluno (Milan), a few kilometres from Sedriano, where it all began.
Certain components we source from trusted suppliers selected from amongst specialist artisans and firms operating in line with the finest traditions of Italian manufacturing.

This enables us to guarantee quality control along the entire chain and also translates into concrete choices for environmental sustainability: use of renewable energy sources and recyclable raw materials, production of long lasting lamps and after-sales service.