Sustainability is at the root of our business philosophy.
At Lumina we’re convinced that everything that’s “too much” produces a “not enough” effect elsewhere, for us all.
Caring about the environment, saving resources and recycling materials are the principles that guide our actions.
And we translate them every day into processes and products.


Lumina lamps are iconic:

they spring from our work ethic and are faithful representations of our production capability.

Design for disassembly

This is the method that defines our approach to design and construction.
We choose noble and recyclable materials like aluminium, steel and glass. Plastic is used only where indispensable.
We expend maximum effort on the design and engineering of our lamps to make them last as long as possible.
We use clean construction methods that enable our products to be easily disassembled at the end of their cycle.

True innovation has respect for the past and the future.
Lumina adopts sustainable technologies, materials and conduct to create harmony in the environment in which people live and work.

Caring about the environment

The production processes are in-house to ensure full control, from the very first functional tests onward.
This means that nothing is wasted and emissions are reduced to a minimum.
Lumina’s entire facility is powered by renewable sources thanks to a solar system that covers 73.02% of energy requirement.

* 2012-2022 average.
The project of expanding the area of our photovoltaic system is being finalized, so that we can reach 100% in the next few years.