Limbus Eye

Emanuele Ricci

Limbus Eye is a directional stand lamp born from the idea of displaying the body of Limbus at our dealers so that we can show its construction details to customers.
A small turned aluminum base houses the Limbus body, thus giving the lamp the ability to direct the light beam in all directions.
Bohemia crystal takes the place of ordinary glass, giving Limbus an even more “sparkling,” whether the lamp is on or off.
Different colors of the bases can be paired with the 3 body finishes: natural aluminum, black, brass, metallic bronze and sapphire blue.
Also premiering is the “black marquinia” finish that reproduces the effect of black marble with white veins.
Limbus can be considered one of the most sustainable products in the entire Lumina range for several reasons:

  • the materials used are noble and recyclable: aluminum, steel, glass/crystal;
  • each Limbus contains 5g of plastic out of a total lamp weight of 1.76kg (0.28%);
  • design for disassembly, i.e., the possibility of completely disassembling Limbus into each of its component in order to recover, replace or recycle it;
  • produced and assembled totally in-house (except for electronic parts and glass);
  • Limbus is the first product on which it was decided to replace galvanic finishes (anodization) with eco-sustainable paints.


Limbus Eye Frosted

Real application

Limbus Eye Frosted

Tech Specs


Limbus Eye





High Color Rendering Index

Correlated Color Temperature 3000K or 2700K

Energy Class


Insulation Class III

CE listed

UK CA listed

Limbus Eye


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