Elle e Elle 1, Tommaso Cimini
Tia, Foster + Partners

We love developing products that last over time, whose form and function are as one. Products that are simple, lightweight in structure and made with precision engineering. Products of powerful technology that enhance the manufacturing techniques and make faithful use of their materials.

Limbus, Emanuele Ricci
Limbus, Emanuele Ricci

Pure and simple products. And as we all know, simplicity is harder to achieve than complexity.

Form in Lumina products seems effortless because all the effort goes into the design. An activity requiring interaction between different professional figures and skills: complementary and multi-disciplinary.

Sustainability is part of our business philosophy. Caring, saving and recycling come natural to us, because everything saved is something gained.

The materials chosen for production are noble and recyclable, such as aluminium, steel and glass. Plastic is used only where indispensable. The production processes are in-house to ensure full control from the very first functional tests and minimize waste and emissions.

All Lumina’s know-how is at the service of design, which is why it’s able to build relationships of trust with designers and architects. 

Such collaboration stems from Lumina’s natural inclination to put all its technical expertise at the disposal of designers. This ongoing dialogue is important for growing and experimenting together, seeing ideas take shape.

This is how to forge solid and long lasting relationships, like the decade long collaboration with Foster + Partners, a leading international firm famed for its rigorous and highly advanced projects.

Flo, Foster + Partners
Flo, Foster + Partners
Flo, Foster + Partners

Discover a selection of projects with our lamps around the world. Lamps that museums, libraries and countless companies and contractors are asking us for. 

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