Daphinette Portatile

Recharge your desire for light


Daphine 45th Anniversary – Limited Edition

Our Icon. Our Masterpiece.


Lumina partner of Triennale Estate 2021 - Milan

“We have decided to become partner of Triennale Estate 2021 to establish a closer link with the wold of design and its iconic set”

Ettore Cimini, Sole Administrator


Crafting Light

Insistence on making the products in the original workshops, an innate craft attitude and quality control are still Lumina’s strengths.


Crafting Light

The founder’s legacy is powerfully active in Lumina’s business culture: “Lots of light, not much lamp”


Form and function

Our objective – and our passion – is to develop products that are long lasting and in which form and function merge in profound synergy.
Essential lamps, lightweight in structure but “heavyweight” in terms of engineering.
Products inspired by technology to take manufacturing techniques to new levels whilst remaining true to the character of the materials used.

One feature is common to all Lumina lamps: a pure and simple profile, because it’s in the essential that we find a concentration of functionality and beauty.
Form is manifested directly, with simplicity.

All the design effort is hidden away backstage, along with all the constant research work involving professionals in various and complementary fields.

Circular Economy

Sustainability is at the root of our business philosophy

Sustainability is at the root of our business philosophy.

At Lumina we’re convinced that everything that’s “too much” produces a “not enough” effect elsewhere, for us all.
Caring about the environment, saving resources and recycling materials are the principles that guide our actions.
And we translate them every day into processes and products.

Design for Disassembly

Limbus teste shooting Cromazoo

This is the method that defines our approach to design and construction.

We choose noble and recyclable materials like aluminium, steel and glass. Plastic is used only where indispensable.
We expend maximum effort on the design and engineering of our lamps to make them last as long as possible.
We use clean construction methods that enable our products to be easily disassembled at the end of their life.

Daphine pivoting diffuser

Caring about the Enviroment

The production processes are in-house to ensure full control, from the very first functional tests onward. This means that nothing is wasted and emissions are reduced to a minimum.
Lumina’s entire facility is powered from renewable sources thanks to a solar power plant covering our total energy requirement.


Ettore Foster & Lumina Partnership

Lumina has always sought dialogue with the world of design and this has helped it grow through experimentation, giving form and body to ideas.

In this way Lumina has built solid, long-term relationships, like the decade-long collaboration with the international firm of Foster + Partners, globally acclaimed for their highly advanced and rigorous projects.


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