Daphine Terra

Tommaso Cimini

A few years after the launch of the Daphine, a floor-standing version was introduced to extend its range of uses.
The Daphine Terra is still in great demand as a reading light to place by seating or bedside.
Its 2-segment arm and freely adjustable head allow light to be trained where it’s needed for maximum visual comfort.
Both segments of the arm – of different, nicely proportioned lengths – can be set at various angles. By adjusting their relative positions, and that of the diffuser, the Daphine Terra can be given a great variety of configurations to train its light in precisely the right spot.
The Daphine Terra isn’t only a reading lamp though: it’s also ideal for ambient light, being powerful enough to deliver diffused lighting by pointing the beam at a wall. The bulkier cast iron base ensures perfect stability.
Like Daphine, the Daphine Terra comes in the classic halogen version (for the European market only) or with a LED source, in which the electromechanical transformer has made way for the electronics that guarantee higher luminous power, extremely high colour quality, low working temperature and lower energy consumption.
The LED version – 3,000K or 2,700K (warm white light) – can be set to dual light intensity or dimmable.



Real application

Tech Specs


Daphine Terra LED






High Color Rendering Index

Correlated Color Temperature 3000K or 2700K

Energy Class A++

Dimmer + 2 step switch

2 step switch

Insulation Class III

CE listed

UK CA listed



Daphine Terra Gold

Daphine and Flo, two of our most important icons, are now enriched with a new special semi-gloss brushed “yellow Gold” finish, which lends them uniqueness and prestige.

The special gilding treatment, which accentuates the brilliance of the finish, is certified to contain a thin film of pure 24-carat Gold applied by electrochemical deposition.

The new Gold finish is available in Table and Floor versions.


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