Lumina Manifesto

Lumina is Production.

Technique and materials are tools that, in creative hands and skilled craftsmanship, generate value based on quality.
The added value for Lumina is knowing how to combine tradition and technology in distinctive products that emanate light and radiate knowledge.
Our entrepreneurial vision is based not only on economic growth, but on the development of the value heritage of Made in Italy.

Lumina is Design.

Light should be encountered and told.
With light we design desirable environments and functional experiences.
With light we tell human stories.
The right light inspires the imagination, enables places,
creates atmospheres, embraces people.
Every Lumina lamp is a rigorous reminder
to technical experience and an adventurous quest for the new.

Lumina is Culture.

Industrial design is not a constraint for Lumina, but a laboratory of imagination.
We imagine sustainable products without ever giving up the wonder of the exceptional.
The challenges of the future impose a mission on us: measure every activity to reduce environmental impact, welcome innovations by selecting the most sustainable technologies over time.

illuminating words

illuminant words