Flo Floor

Foster + Partners

In parallel with the table versions, Lumina and Foster + Partners developed two floor-standing lamps that reprise their defining characteristics.
The Flo Floor has a 6W LED (dual luminous power) and an arm height of 110 cm. The Flo Lounge has a 3W LED (dual luminous power) and an arm height of 100 cm.
Both versions have the same line, with the head adjustable through 300° and the arm rotating 120° over the base.
The LED and heat sink, the latter worked on latest generation numerical control (CNC) machines, are concealed inside the head.
Flo Floor and Flo Lounge are suitable for both the home and public facilities such as lounge areas (as in the Kulm Eispavillon in St. Moritz, for example), airports, waiting rooms and hotel halls.



Real application

Tech Specs


Flo Floor





High Color Rendering Index

Correlated Color Temperature 3000K or 2700K

Energy Class

2 step switch

Insulation Class III

CE listed

UK CA listed


Flo Floor Gold

Daphine and Flo, two of our most important icons, are now enriched with a new special semi-gloss brushed “yellow Gold” finish, which lends them uniqueness and prestige.

The special gilding treatment, which accentuates the brilliance of the finish, is certified to contain a thin film of pure 24-carat Gold applied by electrochemical deposition.

The new Gold finish is available in Table and Floor versions.


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