Flip 22

Heinrich Wiederhold

How do you light a table when there’s no power outlet over its centre point? With the design of the Flip 22 ceiling lamp, Heinrich Wiederhold solved a rather common problem: the Flip 22 adapts to off-centre power outlets in the ceiling, making it possible to directly illuminate the table thanks to its wide range of action and flexibility.
This lamp’s defining feature is its telescopic arm, which has a spherical swivel at each end enabling it to occupy a wide variety of positions and shine light where needed.
The conical shade alludes to a classic, formal style and I thus in dialogue with the contemporary aesthetic of the lamp itself.
The Flip 22 provides sharp, precise light that can be directed at will thanks to the telescopic arm’s range of action (up to 65 cm) and adjustable length (from 94 to 140 cm).
Thanks to its ease of use, the Flip 22 can be installed not only in the dining area but also over a desk in a study, for example, or over a coffee table in a living room.


Real application

Tech Specs


Flip 22




Max 150W HAL – E27


High Color Rendering Index

Correlated Color Temperature 3000K or 2700K

Energy Class E


Dali system compatible

Insulation Class I

CE listed

UK CA listed

Flip 22


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