Daphinette Portatile

Tommaso Cimini

The small version of Daphine, Lumina’s iconic lamp, now comes in a
rechargeable wireless: Daphinette Portable.
It is a stand lamp that is small in size and very versatile, thanks to its special features:

  • The adjustable arm and diffuser, which allow the light beam to be decentered and directed.
  • The compact base, which provides stability and contains the rechargeable battery.
  • The advanced touch technology for light control, which is fully dimmable.
    Unique qualities that make the Daphinette Portable an ideal presence in both home environments.
  • From the study to the living room to the bedroom – as well as in contract and retail spaces – from restaurants to stores.
  • And wherever a cable-free, widely adjustable lamp with high quality

And last but not least, aesthetically impeccable.
Equipped with a battery that allows maximum autonomy of 24 hours with minimal power use and more than 6 hours for use at maximum power, the light of Daphinette Portable is controlled by a touch dimmer located on the back of the lamp base that allows for switching on with a short touch, dimming up to 25 percent intensity with a second touch, and turning off the lamp on the third touch.



Real application

Tech Specs


Daphinette Portatile




2,5W LED

High Color Rendering Index

Correlated Color Temperature 3000K or 2700K

Energy Class

Dimmer +2 step switch

Insulation Class III

Battery Included

CE listed

UK CA listed



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