FLIP Heinrich Wiederhold

A practical ceiling light characterized by a telescopic arm, a pivoting ball joint and handle that allow you to displace it, as you prefer. It comes with metallic reflectors(ø37cm) or opaline methacrylate diffusers (ø42cm). Available in two sizes (109÷170cm and 94÷140cm). Often selected for kitchens.



  • Assembly
  • Installation
  • Maintenance
  • Remarks for a safe use
  • RAEE (European Directive 2002/96/EC)
  • Languages: italiano, deutsch, english, français, español
  • Printable PDF 1:1 scale (pattern to mark drilling points)


  • Main Features
  • Dimensions (vectorial drawings)
  • Technical Data and Standards
  • Versions and Colours
  • Box volume and weight
  • Optional Accessories

3D Model

  • 3D model (OBJ format)
  • Photometric data file (IESNA format)