The website, to make navigation more fluid and intuitive, use cookie technology. These are text files that websites send to the computer or to other device connected to the Internet visitor to uniquely identify the visitor’s browser itself or to save information or settings in your browser.

These information may concern the user, his preferences or the device that access the Internet (computer, tablet or phone) and are mainly used to adjust the operation of the website to the expectations of the User, offering more personalized browsing experience and store the selections made previously.

It is possible to limit or disable the use of cookies via your Web browser. However, in this case, a part of the Company’s website may become inaccessible.

Below you can learn more about the use of cookies by the Company.


Cookies called “essential” are called this way because they are essential in order to navigate the website and make full use of their characteristics, such as, for example, access the protected areas of the website and/or the platforms of the Company. Without these cookies some necessary services could not be used by the user.


The term “analytical cookies” identify the cookies that collect data about the use of the website by the User – including the elements on which you click while browsing, time spent on the website, the number of visitors, percentage of men and women, age, interests, etc., in order to improve the performance and the design of the site itself. All information gathered by these cookies are anonymous and not linked to the user’s personal data. These cookies may be shared with third parties, legal entities and/or individuals, even outside the Company, providing services for the management of the information system used by LUMINA SRL ITALY or analysis tools (such as Google Analytics). However, this type of cookie is used only for purposes related to the website. ITALY LUMINA SRL does not collect or use data such as age, sex and interests of its visitors, except for statistics and analysis of their visitors. Using the Agency’s website, you agree that these cookies may be installed on your device.


The term “functional cookies” identifies the cookies that allow the site to remember the choices made by you (such as name, language, country of origin, etc.) and provide advanced customized features. This includes the ability to watch YouTube videos and allowing users to share content through social networks. These services are provided mainly by external suppliers. If you have an account or if you use the services of other Web sites, these sites may be able to know that the user has visited the website. Using data collected from these external operators through cookies is subject to their privacy policies and, therefore, identify these cookies with the names of the respective entities. Using the website, you agree that these cookies may be installed on your device.


Every Web browser allows you to limit the cookies. For details about the steps required, please consult the browser’s help. For an overview of the most common browsers, visit the addresses:




IThis document is the “Privacy Policy” of LUMINA ITALY SRL and will be periodically updated, you will be noticed via website in an appropriate manner in order to warn Members concerned.